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The journey of Massimo and Laura

Massimo grew up in the beautiful city of Ragusa, in the south of Sicily. With both parents working in their own restaurant, it didn’t take long before he became interested in food, and how to prepare it.


As a young man he enrolled in the ‘university of life’, took up travelling and worked in restaurants along the way, both in Australia and Canada.


On one of his journeys he met Laura, a young independent woman from Antwerp. After finishing her university studies, she also worked in restaurants to pay for her many travels.

Together they travelled through more exotic parts of the world. They learned a lot from other cultures and experienced different kinds of food.

Finally Massimo and Laura settled here in Antwerp, and now they are starting their own restaurant : Kalura, a place where great food becomes the equivalent of deepfelt love.

Peter Rondou

Massimo & Laura
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