Authentic southern style pizza

Pizzeria Kalura is located in the heart of the student district of Antwerp.

Our intent is to let you taste products of the highest quality only made and grown in Italy. Massimo is from Ragusa, Sicily and that's why a lot of the products and the style of pizza-making come from the beautiful Sicilian Island. 


We have long rising pizza dough (more than 24hours), which is baked in a wood fired oven (also served per slice).


Why we choose a wood fired oven 

Ours is not just a traditional choice. 

The scent and taste that aromatic wood brings to pizza is unmatched.

Our oven can reach temperatures above 400° degrees which assures a fast cooking speed of about 90 seconds. This preserves all the precious nutrients.

The oven needs little wood to keep a long during fire going and we have installed an industrial filter to make sure we don't pollute the environment. 


For all those who love to eat a fragrant, crunchy and healthy pizza.